Fuel In-House

We want to provide a safe, green alternative to the millions of LPG tanks currently being used for cooking and heating: We will generate fuel on-site using only water and electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Our first step will be to bring the Smart Tank to market as a a safe, properly green alternative to LPG for outdoor cooking and heating (in BBQs and patio heaters etc) and for applications in mobile homes, caravans and temporary sites. In due course the tanks could also be used as a fuelling resource for rural sites that are currently off the mains gas grid: looking to the future, only 65% of UK pipelines will in any case be able to support hydrogen by 2050.

Our Smart Tank Solution

Our Smart Tank Solution offers a viable alternative to LPG in a multitude of use cases in the developed world and we also expect keen interest in developing international markets where, currently, 2 billion people use gas or solid fuel to cook.

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